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Market Leading GEN-3 Glasscoat Liquid Glass Hardened Ceramic Vehicle Protection

GEN-3 Glasscoat has been Tested & Approved by 17 Automotive manufacturers, Boeing & the Worlds leading hyper-car manufacturer, Koenigsegg.

GEN-3 Glasscoat is Paintseal Europe's latest complex formula which is a liquid glass that when Mangoletsi's professional valeters applied
bonds to your car's paint surface and forms a hardened Ceramic glass finish.

Gen3 is an innovative & technically superior products supplied by Paintseal Europe Limited. Dirt & grime are easily removed from painted surfaces by The advanced NASA designed technology formulation.

The hydrophobic action is demonstrated by the way it repels liquids and it’s extremely resilient to all kinds of environmental pollutants. GEN-3 Glasscoat has exceptional resistance to the effects of car washes, solvents and animal matter. Keeping you car looking newer for longer without the need of waxes and polishers.

Is Gen-3 Glasscoat the Best Product Currently Available?

Yes. Using scrub testing apparatus and solvents to establish coating durability and shedding, GEN-3 GLASSCOAT outperformed other brands by an average factor of ten. Independent research and laboratory testingalso conclusively established that GEN-3 GLASSCOAT outperforms the UK's market-leading product by a factor of up to ten.

What can Gen-3 glasscoat do for my vehicle?

Gen-3 glasscoat adds a hardened, ceramic based layer which bonds into and onto your car's paint surface. It's ceramic coating keeps the car's paintwork free from oxidization, providing a long term beautiful and scratch resilient* surface. The hydro-repellent quality enables dirt and grime to be easily removed. The versatility of the product means that it can also be used on the vehicle's wheels to protect against high temperatures and to prevent the build up of brake dust. Similar, Gen-3 glasscoat fcp interior protection system with ps-uv trace detection will also be applied to your seats and carpets, providing a hard wearing barrier against stains and spillages.

How do I clean my car and where can I obtain glasscoat pse products?

Washing the car with glasscoat ceramic shampoo and using the exclusive range of glasscoat pse products will complement the gen-3 glasscoat finish. Please contact our parts department for product details.

How durable and hard is gen-3 glasscoat?

Gen-3 glasscoat is the hardest and most durable product in the market. Tests have confirmed it to be the equivalent of 6h pencil lead hard.

Does Gen-3 glasscoat paint and fabric protection system require any maintenance?

None whatsoever. No more waxing or polishing is necessary.

How can gen-3 glasscoat help keep my car bodywork free from dirt?

Gen-3 glasscoat's water repellent surface helps create a self-cleaning quality to the vehicle. Because dirt and grime does not adhere so readily to the glasscoat layer there is a reduction in the build up of dirt.

Can I wash my car as normal without affecting the gen-3 glasscoat protection?

Of course, that's the beauty of gen-3 glasscoat. It is extremely resilient - making it safe whether you choose to use a jet wash, car wash or hand wash your vehicle.

Can gen-3 glasscoat be removed from my car?

Not readily. Correct bodyshop rectification and removal process will be required in order to do this. Consult mangoletsi in every case.

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